der grüne ballon

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Assignment: Camera-Operator

„A strong friendship standing the test of time: In memory of their friend Finn, Sam and Emil visit the island at which they had several unforgettable hours together in the past. Tensions between the two rise more and more in the course of their visit; Emil complied with Finn’s wish to switch off the life supporting machines that kept him alive. During a heated argument both friends eventually talk about their feelings frankly.“

Camera: Tobias Pfenninger / Florian Stier

Cutter: Tobias Pfenninger

Music: Florian Christl

Script: Michael Hetzenecker / Maximilian Schmidt / Tobias Pfenninger

Audio: Nikolay von Kapff

Actors: Andreas Guckenberger / Simon Rauch

Spokesman: Marius Müller

Light: Michael Uebler

  • Date: 10.08.2014
  • Client: OTH Amberg
  • Filed under: short